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Who is Tracy Nakano Bean?

April 9, 2010

From: TracyBeanChannel | April 09, 2010

If you are ready for POSITIVE change, Tracy Nakano Bean is the ONLY choice for Senate District 24. It’s time to take BOLD steps beyond the PACK MENTALITY. True conservative values: Liberty, Limited government, Individual responsibility, Fiscal accountability, and Equality of opportunity! If you stand for these values, VOTE BEAN!

44 Fair

March 19, 2010

From: TracyBeanChannel | March 19, 2010

Tracy Nakano Bean interviews leaders of her community as they represent the values of the 5 R’s: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, RESOURCEFULNESS, RELATIONSHIP, and RESILIENCY.

Campaign Preparations for Team Bean

March 12, 2010

From: TracyBeanChannel | March 12, 2010

Tracy Nakano Bean talks about the campaign preparations for the upcoming November elections for Hawaii State District 24 seat, representing the communities of Kane’ohe and Kailua.

Tracy Bean interviews House Minority Leader, Rep. Lynn Finnegan on the Hawaii Economy

March 1, 2010

From: TracyBeanChannel | March 01, 2010

Tracy Bean visits Rep. Finnegan to discuss the challenges that Hawaii’s economy faces and what can be done to solve the challenges.

“Don’t Give Up The Ship” – Why Now Is The Time To Stand Strong For Hawaii”

February 22, 2010

From: TracyBeanChannel | February 22, 2010

Tracy Nakano Bean tells the story of Ensign Frank Flaherty who served aboard the USS Oklahoma on Dec. 7, 1941 and though the ship was sinking, Flaherty refused to abandon his post below decks, but instead reached for a flashlight and stood his ground with the light on so that his fellow crewmen could escape safely … at the cost of his own life. Tracy tells us that our elected leaders in Hawaii must follow this example and stand their post, serving as beacons of hope and light that no man, woman or child may be left behind in our state, even in the midst of an economic decline and tough times.

Welcome to Tracy Nakano Bean’s Blog

February 20, 2010

Welcome to Tracy’s blog. We will be using this blog site to update our campaign progress over the next coming months.

You can also find us on Facebook here: Tracy Nakano Bean 2010-Senate District 24.

Follow us on Twitter @BeanHawaii.

We look forward getting to know you, and having you get to know who Tracy Nakano Bean is, and how she is the only choice for REAL and POSITIVE change on the Windward side.

Team Bean will be working hard for you!